Therapeutic apheresis

Therapeutic apheresis

Therapeutic apheresis is a therapy for removing pathogenic substances from blood using filters and adsorbers. This can lead to a medical improvement when other treatment options have reached their limit.

In contrast to conventional therapies, therapeutic apheresis focuses on “washing” harmful components out, instead of supplying substances. The healthy blood or plasma is returned back. 

With a portfolio of different adsorbers and long standing expertise in extracorporeal procedures, Fresenius Medical Care delivers a combination of quality and flexible treatment alternatives, designed to treat a wide range of diseases and increase the patient’s quality of life. 

Lipoprotein apheresis

Adsorber and Plasma Fractionator

DALI® adsorber and MONET® plasma fractionator
  • DALI® adsorber 
  • MONET® plasma fractionator


Art Universal MONET® and Art Universal DALI®
  • Art Universal MONET®
  • Art Universal DALI®

Selective IgG


Immunosorba® and GLOBAFFIN adsorbers
  • Immunosorba® adsorber
  • GLOBAFFIN adsorber


Art Universal device and ADAsorb
  • Art Universal device and ADAsorb

Prometheus therapy


Prometheus® therapy system
  • Prometheus® therapy system


Prometheus® Heparin and Prometheus® Citrate
  • Prometheus® Heparin
  • Prometheus® Citrate 
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