For us, sustainability means acting responsibly to achieve business success as well as medical, environmental and social progress.

We assume medical responsibility

Global Annual Medical Report

Our Global Annual Medical Report 2019  

Transforming healthcare through interconnected intelligence 

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Global Annual Medical Report 2019

PDF, 18.7 MB

Global Annual Medical Report 2019

PDF, 18.7 MB

Global Annual Medical Report 2019

PDF, 18.7 MB

We assume economic responsibility

Human rights, workplace rights and labor and employment principles

We engage in dialog with our stakeholders

Adhering to the Code of Ethics and Business Conduct

Our Conflict Minerals Policy Statement

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We assume responsibility for the environment


Environmental management enables us to implement environmental requirements and design our processes to use resources as efficiently as possible, thus saving on costs. It also increasingly supports us in creating added value for our customers with eco-friendly products and services. Last but not least, it ensures that we take our responsibility to the environment seriously.

Environmental management strategy in our regions

Environmental management at our production sites

Ecologically sustainable dialysis products

Environmental management in our dialysis clinics

We assume social responsibility

Social responsibility

In a global market, Fresenius Medical Care has a decentralized organization with a high degree of responsibility at local level. This also applies to our company’s social commitment. As a result, we not only support globally active organizations and projects, but also in particular regional and local initiatives. Our main focus in this respect is on projects aimed at the common good that follow the principle of helping people to help themselves and have a long-term impact.

Our emergency aid in crisis situations

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