We take responsibility for our environment.

Environmental management at Fresenius Medical Care

Global Environmental Policy

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Environmental Data

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Environmental initiatives

Major accomplishments of our green and lean initiatives


  • Reducing electricity usage by optimizing production and maintenance systems
  • Expanded coverage of photovoltaic solar panel cells
  • Implementation of energy-saving lighting, including LED lighting


  • Implementation and optimization of reverse osmosis water recycling technology
  • Implementation of water recovery cooling towers and boiler condensate tanks
  • Production process scale-up, such as multipurpose production lines and increasing batch sizes, in order to save water used in production


  • Reduced amount of packaging material to save waste
  • Increased reuse frequency of cardboard and pallets for storage
  • Increased recycling instead of sending waste to the landfill

Reducing our environmental impact

Green and lean initiatives 2020

More than 170 environmental initiatives were reported at our manufacturing sites around the world.

19,300 MWh of energy saved,
0.8 % of total energy consumption

4,700 tons of  CO2e  emissions prevented,
0.6 % of total emissions

420,000 m³ of water saved,
1 % of total water consumption

18,000 tons of waste saved, recycled or reused

All figures are rounded.
Data on total waste is currently not reported on a global level but in scope for future reporting.

Eco-friendly products made of Biofine®

  • is free of PVC and plasticizer,
  • requires less material for production as it is 60% thinner than PVC,
  • causes less waste,
  • requires less energy for production,
  • does not release hydrochloric acid upon incineration,
  • is easily recyclable.

Nordic Ecolabel

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