Annual General Meeting 2021

Shareholder Portal

Access to the Shareholder Portal requires the entry of access data which has been sent to shareholders or their proxies after proper registration.

The following functions are available to shareholders in the Shareholder Portal:

1. Issue powers of attorney and instructions to the proxies named by the Company
2. Authorization of Third Parties
3. Voting by postal vote
4. Submitting questions to the Company
5. Objections
6. Information on the provision of confirmation on whether and how votes were counted pursuant to section 129 (5) AktG
7. Submission of statements in video form and view published statements


Shareholder Portal


There was a live webcast from the beginning of the Annual General Meeting until the end of the CEO speech.


  • Agenda and procedural information about the Annual General Meeting
  • Information on agenda item 1 of the Annual General Meeting
  • Additional information regarding agenda item 5
  • Additional information regarding agenda item 6
  • Report of the General Partner to the General Meeting on agenda item 7
  • Additional information
  • Countermotions, election proposals, position of the Management

Sustainability Disclosures

We are committed to providing transparent and relevant sustainability information to our stakeholders. The tables below give a comprehensive overview of our sustainability performance:

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