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Making the right decision

Tips that may support choosing the right therapy

Comparing different options

  • Frequency of treatment
  • Visit to dialysis center
  • Space needed at home
  • Work
  • Physical training
  • Vacation
  • Needle insertion

Staying fit on dialysis

Work and dialysis

You may continue to work even as a dialysis patient if your health status allows you to. In any case, follow your physician's recommendations.

Which dialysis treatment is suitable for work?

There are differences regarding your flexibility and different treatment options. This has an impact on the compatibility of your job and your treatment. Please consult your physician on which may be the best option for you.

Appointments at the clinic

It is advisable to talk to your employer about your dialysis schedule in the clinic in advance. Outline how often and how long you have to be there for your treatment. If you inform your employer openly and have a transparent exchange, misunderstandings can be avoided in advance. You can also talk to a member of the human resources department, the disability officer or someone you trust.

Facts about the different treatment options

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