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Clarity RMS

The evolution of urine output measurement

Clarity RMS* is an automated system for patients with a Foley catheter. It continuously monitors urine flow and shows fluctuations on a 24/7 basis.1

By paving the way for digital progress in the field of automated urine output monitoring, we support the physician in identifying patients at risk of AKI.


Not all products and services are cleared or available for sale in all EU countries. Check your country web site for details. 

Clarity RMS makes a difference

With current clinical practice, it can be difficult to obtain reliable, hourly urine output measurements.2 Clarity RMS enables automatic and continuous monitoring of urine flow in real time.1 The device can display notifications if urine output is below a threshold for more than one hour.1

This not only allows for accurate and reliable reading of urine flow,3 it may also free up valuable time for personnel to be spent on patient care.2

Real-time information: improved basis for decision-making

High usability
  • Attachable to ICU bed
  • Battery-operated
Clarity RMS reliable information
Reliable information
  • Accurate and direct monitoring of urine output3,4
  • Measurement at the end of Foley catheter
Clarity RMS notification
Real-time notifications
  • Notifies when urine output falls below a pre-set threshold1
  • May support identifying patients at risk of AKI4,5,6
Clarity RMS information flow
Digitalized information flow
  • Data transmission to hospital PDMS**
  • Using HL7 framework

**PDMS - HL7 driver might be needed

Clarity RMS offers a broad range of clinical applications

Clarity RMS operating-room

Operating room

  • Continuous monitoring of urine flow at short intervals
  • Remote display of urine output outside the sterile environment
Clarity RMS ICU


  • Supports AKI staging by providing hourly urine output – following the KDIGO guideline6,7
  • Hourly urine output measurement can be conducive to a furosemide stress test8
Clarity RMS ward


  • Supervising the changes in urine flow of patients with a Foley catheter – without manual intervention1
  • Automated measurement may free up valuable time, especially on wards with tight staffing2,4

* Legal manufacturer of Clarity RMS is RenalSense Ltd., Israel. Fresenius Medical Care Deutschland GmbH is a distributor of Clarity RMS in selected countries.

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