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Acute therapies

CRRT — A reliable, effective option

Continuous renal replacement therapy (CRRT) cleans the blood with the help of special solutions and filters, mimicking the kidney’s natural functions and maintaining body fluid levels relatively constant. Offering a variety of therapies, Fresenius Medical Care provides efficient treatment of acute kidney injury to fit each patient's specific needs. Besides the several options for CRRT, Fresenius Medical Care also provides options for plasmapheresis.

Acute therapies overview
CRRT setups

Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy (CRRT) — standard therapies (CVVHD, CVVH, CVVHDF) for Acute Kidney Injury (AKI).

Ci-Ca multiIntenseCare

Ci-Ca multiIntenseCare by Fresenius Medical Care is a comprehensive concept that aims to achieve better outcomes for your intensive care units (ICUs) patients. It is our goal to constantly improve the work of physicians and hospital staff in order to save lives.


multiFiltratePRO — A perfect fit for every team for effective CRRT on intensive care units.


multiFiltrate Acute Therapy System: reliable, ergonomic, intuitive – A full range of renal replacement therapies in combination with the advantages of Ci-Ca.

CRRT and plasmapheresis filters

Ultraflux and plasmaFlux — Filters for CRRT and Plasmapheresis. Usable with Ci-Ca citrate and heparin anticoagulation.

Vascular access

proVencare Catheters give smooth and steady blood transport, and allow purified blood to flow back into the vein freely.