Ci-Ca multiIntenseCare

multiIntenseCare — Supporting your clinical practice

Supporting your clinical practice

Ci-Ca multiIntenseCare is a comprehensive concept that aims to achieve better outcomes for your ICU patients. Our goal is to improve the work of physicians and hospital staff in order to save lives.

Ci-Ca® multiIntenseCare


The Pillars

Our product design follows a holistic approach. CRRT monitors, hemofilters, tubing systems and fluids are designed for a well-concerted clinical application.

Bearing the clinical application in mind, Fresenius Medical Care goes beyond standard service and assists staff by providing complementary therapy information.

Besides direct training on products and their application, Fresenius Medical Care participates in numerous events for physicians and nurses each year. A number of these events are certified by regional medical associations, some of them qualifying for Continuing Medical Education credits (CME).

Intensive care units work 24/7 and CRRT can be required at any time. Through accurate device maintenance and quick repairs when needed, multiFiltratePRO is kept available to serve its purpose: delivering CRRT upon demand.

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