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FX Dialyzers

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Not all products and services are cleared or available for sale in all EU countries. Check your country web site for details. 

Why FX properties make a difference

FX portfolio

Nurse - treatment quote for FX Dialyzers

"A smooth treatment is the difference that allows us to focus more on the patient."

  • 1. Lateral blood inlet port
  • 2. System compatibility and more
  • 3. Sophisticated fiber architecture
  • 4. Optimized header design
  • 5. INLINE steam sterilization
  • 6. Sustainable product design

Smooth handling

Simplified workflows

Improved clearances

Enhanced performance

Setting the standard

Adding value across the entire life cycle

Eco-performance radar
Patient - treatment quote for FX Dialyzers

"The difference is feeling confident throughout the entire treatment."

The blue art project

We asked artists to interpret the benefits of the FX Dialyzers in their own way. The color blue of the FX Dialyzer caps became their inspiration point.

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Hospital Head - treatment quote for FX Dialyzers

"Reliability and experience make a difference when seeking the best solutions."

* FX CorAL is a registered trademark of Fresenius Medical Care in selected countries.
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