Therapeutic apheresis

Therapeutic apheresis treatments

Therapeutic apheresis treatments

Extracorporeal blood purification procedures for removing pathogens, chemicals or cells from blood or plasma. Benefits a variety of medical conditions, including metabolic disorders and autoimmune diseases.  

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Lipoprotein apheresis

Adsorber and Plasma Fractionator

DALI® adsorber and MONET® plasma fractionator
  • DALI® adsorber 
  • MONET® plasma fractionator


Art Universal MONET® and Art Universal DALI®
  • Art Universal MONET®
  • Art Universal DALI®

Selective IgG


Immunosorba® and GLOBAFFIN adsorbers
  • Immunosorba® adsorber
  • GLOBAFFIN adsorber


Art Universal device and ADAsorb
  • Art Universal device and ADAsorb

Prometheus therapy


Prometheus® therapy system
  • Prometheus® therapy system


Prometheus® Heparin and Prometheus® Citrate
  • Prometheus® Heparin
  • Prometheus® Citrate 
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