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We continue to shape the future of the dialysis industry.

We continue to shape the future of the dialysis industry.

1 Outlook 2019 and 2020 are and will be adjusted in order to make the business performance comparable to results 2018 adjusted for items such as: FCPA Related Charges, the IFRS 16 Implementation, the gain (loss) related to divestitures of Care Coordination activities and expenses for the cost optimization program. All effects from the pending acquisition of NxStage Medical Inc. are excluded from the Outlook 2019 and 2020. 
2 Results 2018 adjusted: For a reconciliation of results 2018 to results 2018 adjusted see our SEC filings.
3 Net income attributable to shareholders of FMC-AG & Co. KGaA.
4 Excluding investments in securities.
5 Results 2018: Proposal to be approved by the Annual General Meeting on May 16, 2019.
6 Full-time equivalents.

Number of dialysis patients worldwide - forecast to 2025

Number of dialysis patients worldwide – forecast to 2025
1 Internal estimates

At the end of 2017, around 3.2 million patients received dialysis. According to estimates, the number of people worldwide suffering from chronic kidney failure and requiring dialysis treatment is rising at a relatively constant rate of around 6 % annually. It is expected to reach more than 3.4 million patients in 2018 and approximately 4.9 million by 2025. Social trends contribute to this rise in patient numbers. In Europe and the U.S. in particular, they include the aging population and the increasing incidence of diabetes and hypertension, two illnesses that frequently precede the onset of end-stage renal disease. In developing and emerging countries, the growing population and gradually improved access to dialysis as a result fo increasing wealth are key factors that further boost demand for dialysis products and services. We want to continue to make a significant contribution to meeting this demand in the future.

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