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Company Features

A superhero wins over Asia-Pacific

Fresenius Medical Care visits various schools in Taiwan to increase students' knowledge of their kidneys.

The road to healing

The aim of regenerative medicine

Cradle of innovation

Global development in the new Technology Center in Schweinfurt.

The history of dialysis

From historical manuscripts to modern dialysis.

CREED program

Improving dialysis through knowledge sharing in Southeast Asia

The East-West connection story

Fresenius Medical Care in Russia.

17,962 miles halfway around the world

The amazing journey of a dialysis machine.

A vast island nation

Fresenius Medical Care employees are helping to promote the expansion of this health care system – even in remote parts of the island nation.

20 years creating a future worth living

20 years Fresenius Medical Care.

The future is purple

Aborigines receive dialysis treatment in their home environment.

Africa changing times

A normal working day at Fresenius Medical Care Morocco.

A successful series-produced model

More than half of all dialysis machines used worldwide are made by Fresenius Medical Care.