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Apheresis platforms

Our next generation
Stepping up therapeutic apheresis

Our new therapy platform has been designed and equipped with a wide range of features for therapeutic apheresis at a new level of convenience.


APRΞD is CE marked but currently not available for sale.
It is intended to launch in Germany Q4/2023. Further EU countries will follow in 2024.

Fresenius Medical Care offers a wide range of both third-party and its own devices designed for patient-centric apheresis therapies such as the well-established Art Universal and ADAsorb — and now the new APRΞD*, our next generation.

A new, up-to-date concept in apheresis

Fresenius Medical Care is stepping up in apheresis ­— investing in technological advancement, simplifying complexity and responding to the handling needs of healthcare professionals.

APRΞD stands for Apheresis Pathogen Reduction Device. It has been designed to be fast, lean and smart, and to give healthcare professionals a modern and technologically advanced device for therapeutic apheresis.

APRΞD uses adsorbers and filters from the Fresenius Medical Care product range and is equipped with a wide range of features that were created to support the care team. Our new device aims to provide ease of handling — especially for team members that operate several devices simultaneously.

APRΞD allows individualized treatments for different patient needs:


* Legal manufacturer of APRΞD is MEDICA S.P.A., Italy.
Fresenius Medical Care Deutschland GmbH is the exclusive distributor of APRΞD.
** Legal manufacturer of ADAsorb is medicap clinic GmbH, Germany.

APRΞD provides answers to the challenges healthcare professionals face, offering fast setup, intuitive handling, a high level of automation and additional safety features.

Discover how smart technology can support your care team

In addition to APRΞD, Fresenius Medical Care also supports apheresis techniques on several other platforms.

Immunoadsorption monitor for GLOBAFFIN

The ADAsorb machine is a secondary plasma processing device, particularly suited for supporting regenerable single and twin adsorber column systems. Twin adsorber systems allow for parallel treatment and regeneration cycles and offer increased adsorption capacity at a reduced extracorporeal volume, as compared to single-pass single adsorbers.

ADAsorb automatically adapts to the plasma supply provided by a range of different plasma separation devices, including Art Universal** and APRΞD. ADAsorb is equipped with a touch screen monitor that displays every step of the procedure, facilitating transparent operation of the machine. The ADAsorb safety system includes several automated routines that help to reduce user effort as well as user errors.

From the Fresenius Medical Care range of adsorbers, ADAsorb currently supports GLOBAFFIN.

Legal manufacturer of ADAsorb is medicap clinic GmbH, Germany

Art Universal

Art Universal***
Whole blood treatment and plasma filtration

Art Universal is a platform suitable for treatment with DALI 500 Adsorber, DALI 750 Adsorber and MONET Plasma Fractionator. Furthermore, it enables plasma separation for certain adsorption procedures, particulary those using the GLOBAFFIN adsorber.

The Art Universal machine is equipped with a whole-blood pump, an ACD‑A (citrate) anticoagulant pump, a plasma pump and an ancillary pump used for flushing and regenerating the MONET Plasma Fractionator (lipoprotein filter). The syringe pump is specifically intended for heparin anticoagulation.

The user interface is simple and effective. Several procedural steps are either automated or flagged up by prompts, thus simplifying handling and reducing user errors. Built-in process safety checks maintain high safety levels, monitoring that the machine is correctly set up.

Art Universal supports the following protocols and procedures:

  • Whole blood apheresis (DALI Kits, available with four different adsorber configurations, software with two different protocol settings: DALI Standard and DALI Low Citrate)
  • Plasma fractionation (MONET Plasma Fractionator), primarily used in lipoprotein filtration with automated, pressure-triggered rinsing of the plasma fractionator
  • Plasma separation to supply adsorption procedures, particularly the GLOBAFFIN regenerable adsorber, which is controlled by a separate adsorption monitor (ADAsorb)

*** Art Universal is no longer manufactured. Spare parts are available.

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1 Waitz G et al. Ther Apher Dial 2022; doi: 10.1111/1744-9987.13840

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