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Renal IT

Renal IT provides integrated software solutions supporting chronic kidney disease care in a more efficient, reliable, cost effective way: to manage in center, acute or home therapies. Renal IT provides decision support and analytical insights into therapy data. As a one-stop shop, Fresenius Medical Care provides a full range of software, hardware, installation and support.

The medical need for Renal IT solutions in chronic kidney disease

Chronic kidney disease hemodialysis management is complex and demanding. Patients are fragile and comorbid. And the number of patients treated per nephrologist and nurse is increasing and will increase continuously.

Dialysis care is much more than just dialysis treatment

Dialysis prescription and delivery requires special attention. The management of chronical kidney disease dialysis patients involves a team of healthcare professionals to support. They need a lot of data and information to manage individual patient treatment plan. A suitable treatment decision can only be made with knowing the big picture — supported by data and information. The complexity and fragility of patients requires an urgent and appropriate solution. Our Renal IT solutions meet these challenges.

Renal IT overview

Solutions and services

Therapy Data Management System (TDMS)

An integrated solution for professionals

  • Data acquisition
  • Data management
  • Quality assurance

For clinical management

Clinical data management software in TDMS

Clinical data management software in TDMS

  • Shared management of dialysis treatment data
  • Long-term treatment documentation
  • Managing prescriptions and pre-setting devices 
  • Exchange of patient data with Hospital Information Systems

For physicians

Renal IT solutions for physicians

Renal IT solutions for physicians

  • Solutions for automatic treatment 
  • Long-term documentation 
  • Managing treatments and medications 
  • Supporting patient safety and higher quality

For nurses

Renal IT solutions for nurses

Renal IT solutions for nurses

  • Reduce time consuming activities 
  • Document treatments 
  • More time for patients

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