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FX CorDiax

FX CorDiax 100

Designed to dialyze. Built for cardioprotection.

  • Efficient middle molecule removal
  • INLINE steam sterilized
  • Low rinsing volume
  • Key features
  • Technology
  • Performance Data
  • Studies

High selective permeability for middle molecules

The new FX CorDiax is the most efficient dialyzer within the FX-class. The core of the FX CorDiax is the Helixone plus membrane, a targeted enhancement of the Helixone membrane. Improved fiber design allows for better sieving of middle molecules such as β2-microglobulin (β2-m) while restricting the loss of vital albumin. As increased levels of β2-m are associated with higher mortality risk, the use of FX CorDiax High-Flux dialyzers or hemodiafilters facilitate best possible therapy outcomes.

Refined membrane architecture

New production technology combined with INLINE steam sterilization allows crucial enhancements of membrane porosity, reducing flow resistance and improving transport across the membrane.

The Helixoneplus membrane
Close-up of the inner surface and the support region of the Helixoneplus membrane

Purity enhanced — with steam

Advances in fiber design allow for better removal of uremic toxins

Superior by design

Optimized dialysate flowThe 3-dimensional microwave structure of the fiber ensures uniform radial dialysate flow around each fiber within the bundle by preventing fluid channeling, thereby enhancing clearance values and improving the overall performance of the dialyzer.  
Better hemodynamicsThe lateral blood-inlet port ensures more homogenous blood flow in the dialyzer header, preventing stagnation zones. The design essentially minimizes the risk of kinking, contributing to improved safety.
Enhanced convectionThe more open structure of the Helixoneplus membrane support region serves to reduce diffusion resistance and increases convective filtration. This facilitates clearance of a broad range of uremic toxins, especially the middle molecules.
Kind to the environmentAdvanced design goes beyond direct functionality, it also has to be easy on the environment. FX-class dialyzers weigh half as much as dialyzers with polycarbonate housing, and at the same time use ecologically friendly plastics. This means a lower carbon-footprint as a result of fewer materials, less packaging, less fuel for transport and cleaner waste management.
FX-class dialyzers design
FX-class dialyzers design

Key to optimal middle molecule removal

Fiber design for HD

Benefit of reduced inner fiber diameter

FX CorDiax hemodiafilter

The benefit of enlarged fiber lumen of FX CorDiax hemodiafilters

Sieving coefficients of FX CorDiax High-Flux Dialysers and Haemodiafilters

FX CorDiax High-Flux Dialysers

FX CorDiax Haemodiafilters

“… treating patients with online hemodiafiltration and FX CorDiax 60 instead of FX 60 dialyzers results in significantly increased reduction ratios of middle sized molecules without clinically relevant changes in albumin loss.”

Maduell et. al.

Comparison of albumin loss in a post-dilution HDF treatment

(QB = 350 mL/min, QD = 800 mL/min, QS = 80 mL/min)4

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