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Fresenius Medical Care at the 61st ERA Congress

May 23-26, 2024
Stockholm, Sweden

One of the worlds’ largest nephrology associations, the annual ERA Congress brings together nephrologists and kidney professionals from all over the world with an aim to reduce the burden of chronic kidney disease. Fresenius Medical Care’s presence at ERA demonstrates our ongoing commitment to advance and improve kidney care on a global scale. 

Experts from across the company present 39 research abstracts at this year’s meeting. In addition, Fresenius Medical Care representatives will be available on site at the congress to discuss our research and offerings at our exhibits: 

  • Fresenius Medical Care (F200) 


Fresenius Medical Care provides the most comprehensive product portfolio in dialysis. We continue to improve patient care In-Center, at Home, and in Critical Care environments with the state-of-the-art equipment and world class research and advocacy. 

  • Frenova (F300) 


Frenova, a division of Fresenius Medical Care, is a global site management organization dedicated to the success of clinical research. 

Learn more about Frenova 


A summary of the Fresenius Medical Care-affiliated presentations happening at this year’s ERA Congress appears below. You can also read the press release about Fresenius Medical Care’s presence at ERA here.

CountSub. #TitleAcceptance TypePresenterFirst AuthorSession / TopicPresentation DatePresentation Time (GMT+1)Presentation LocationFME Affiliation(s)
11857Difelikefalin Experience in a Large Dialysis Organization in the US: One Year Follow-up on Patients After Completion of 12 WeeksFocused Oral PresentationLinda FicocielloLinda FicocielloDialysisSaturday, May 25, 20248:30Focused Oral Room #10Fresenius Medical Care
21325Patients Reporting Not “Sleeping Normally” Are More Likely to Transition to In-Center Hemodialysis Within 90 Days of Peritoneal Dialysis StartFocused Oral PresentationLinda FicocielloLinda FicocielloDialysisSaturday, May 25, 202412:00Focused Oral Room #10Fresenius Medical Care
3341Dialysis Modality Patterns Across Six Continents in Apollo Dial DBFocused Oral PresentationKaitlyn CroftKaitlyn CroftDialysisSaturday, May 25, 202412:40Focused Oral Room#10Fresenius Medical Care
41157Body Mass and Fluid Balance in Dialysis: Global Profiles in Apollo Dial DBFree CommunicationKaitlyn CroftKaitlyn CroftFC 25 - Clinical Studies in Patients on DialysisSunday, May 26, 20248:30Session Room A6Fresenius Medical Care
5811Effects of GLP-1 receptor agonists on the weight, urea distribution volume and blood pressure of hemodialysis (HD) patientse-PosterSheetal Chaudhuri Sheetal ChaudhuriDialysis---Fresenius Medical Care
62598Risk of Vascular Access Complications in Haemodialysis Patients Initiating Dialysis with Arteriovenous Fistula or Arteriovenous Grafte-PosterLen UsvyatJoanna WillettsDialysis---Fresenius Medical Care
71595Use of Machine Learning Directed Interventions to Reduce Fluid Related Hospital Admissions in Hemodialysis PatientsFocused Oral PresentationSheetal Chaudhuri Hao HanDialysisFriday, May 24, 202415:15Focused Oral Room #10Fresenius Medical Care
82924Comparison of Large Language Models and Traditional Natural Language Processing Techniques in Predicting Arteriovenous Fistula FailureFocused Oral PresentationSuman LamaSuman LamaDialysisFriday, May 24, 202412:00Focused Oral Room #10Fresenius Medical Care
9TBDPrediction of Gastrointestinal Bleeding Hospitalization Risk in Hemodialysis using Machine Learning TechniquesFree CommunicationSuman LamaSuman LamaFC 15 - About vitamin K, bleeding risk and related need for treatmentSaturday, May 25, 202412:30Session Room A6Fresenius Medical Care
101018Profiles of Medication Use in Dialysis Patients Globally Focused Oral PresentationAstrid FeuersengerAstrid FeuersengerDialysisFriday, May 24, 202415:15Focused Oral Room #4Fresenius Medical Care
111849Returning to Dialysis After Kidney Transplant Failure: Preliminary Findings of a Multi-Centre DatabaseTBDTBDOshini ShivakumarDialysisTBDTBDTBD 
12688Major Gastrointestinal Bleeding in Dialysis: Influence of Age, Sex, Race & ComorbiditiesFocused OralYue JiaoYue JiaoDialysisFriday, May 24, 202416:45Focused Oral Room #10Fresenius Medical Care
132742Artificial intelligence accurately approximates MGPE dose response relationship in a North American Dialysis
Focused Oral PresentationMario GarbelliMario GarbelliDialysisFriday, May 24, 202416:45Focused Oral Room #4Fresenius Medical Care
141956Effect of Hemodialysis Modalities on Infection-Related MortalityFocused Oral PresentationYan ZhangYan ZhangDialysisFriday, May 24, 202415:15Focused Oral Room #10Fresenius Medical Care
152594Patient-Reported Inter- and Intradialytic Symptoms in HD & HDF PatientsModerated OralNgoc PhamNgoc PhamMO 2.4Saturday, May 25, 202416:45Room T5Fresenius Medical Care
161017External validation of a machine learning model for the prediction of bioimpedance-determined pre-dialysis overhydratione-PosterVicki Sandys (Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland)Vicki Sandys (Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland)Dialysis---Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland
172714An AI based tool for hydration management in dialysis patients.Focused OralTBDMax Botler (CE)DialysisFriday, May 24, 202412:00Focused Oral Room #4Fresenius Medical Care
18376Self-Efficacy, Social Support and Hemodiafiltration are independently associated with better Self-Reported Health Status over timeFocussed Oral Krister CrommChronic Kidney DiseaseSaturday, May 25, 202412:00Room 8Fresenius Medical Care
192609Comparison of Baseline Patient Characteristics of the CONVINCE Randomized Controlled Trial with Existing Trial and Registry PopulationsFocussed Oral Tom YuenDialysisFriday, May 24, 202416:45Room 4Fresenius Medical Care
202594Patient-reported inter- and intradialytic symptoms in HD & HDF patientsModerated Oral Ngoc PhamMO 2.4Saturday, May 25, 202416:45Room T5Fresenius Medical Care
212528Comparing Patient-Reported and Performance-Based Physical Function Assessments in Hemodialysis: Insights from the CONVINCE Triale-Poster Gregor Liegle-PosterThursday, May 23, 2024  BMEG / Charité
222947Exploring various approaches for assessing fatigue in patients receiving hemodialysis using the CONVINCE study populatione-Poster Anna Schapperte-PosterThursday, May 23, 2024  BMEG / Charité
232535Development of a patient-centered outcome strategy for the CONVINCE trialFocussed Oral Katrin I. FischerDialysisFriday, May 24, 202415:15Room 10BMEG / Charité
242502The CONVINCE randomized trial found positive effects of hemodiafiltration on quality of life in patients with kidney disease on dialysisFree Communication Matthias RoseFC 11 + ML Frailty in dialysis patients: can we improve it?Saturday, May 25, 20248:30Room A5Fresenius Medical Care
25541Secular trends in CKD and ESKD mortality rates in the United States, 2011–2021Focussed oral David JoergChronic Kidney DiseaseFriday, May 24, 20248:30Room 8Fresenius Medical Care
261340Validation of Artificial Intelligence Algorithm Classifying Arteriovenous Access Aneurysms in Hemodialysis: a Blinded Multicenter Prospective Stude-Poster Zijun Donge-PosterThursday, May 23, 2024  RRI
27729Application of ChatGPT to Support Nutritional Recommendations for Dialysis PatientsFocused oral Lin-Chun WangDialysisFriday, May 24, 202416:45Room 10RRI
281149Long-COVID in hemodialysis patients: a matched case-control prospective studyFocussed Oral Maggie HanDialysisFriday, May 24, 202415:15Room 4RRI
291044Quantitative Analysis of Dialytic Protein Loss with Medium Cut-Off and High-Flux MembranesFocussed oral Xiaoling WangDialysisFriday, May 24, 20248:30Room 4RRI
30598Successful Application of Allo-Hemodialysis in a Porcine Model of Embolization-Induced Acute Kidney InjuryFocussed oral Xin WangDialysisFriday, May 24, 20248:30Room 4RRI
311336Serotonin levels in hemodialysis patients with Long COVID-associated cognitive impairmentFocussed oral Gabriela Ferreira DiasChronic Kidney DiseaseSaturday, May 25, 20248:30Room 1RRI
32861Intradialytic oxygen saturation in chronic hemodialysis patients – results from a large U.S. populationFocussed Oral Andrea Nandorine BanDialysisFriday, May 24, 202415:15Room 4RRI
33470Relationship between intraperitoneal volume and intraperitoneal pressure during peritoneal dialysisFocussed oral Fansan ZhuD5 - Peritoneal dialysis & home therapiesSaturday, May 25, 202412:00Room 10RRI
342652Hemoglobin excursion outside of the target range and their associations with all-cause mortality in hemodialysis patients.Focussed oral Ariella MermelsteinDialysisSaturday, May 25, 202412:00Room 4RRI
351635In hemodialysis patients, COVID-19 vaccination mitigates the variability of clinical and laboratory variablesFocussed Oral Maggie HanDialysisFriday, May 24, 202415:15Room 10RRI
361849Returning to dialysis after kidney transplant failure: preliminary findings of a multi-centre database (MONDO)Focussed Oral  Xiaoling Ye /Oshini Shivakumar Kidney Transplantation (clinical and immunology)Saturday, May 25, 202412:00Room 7RRI
37500Monitoring Relative Blood Volume and Calf Bioimpedance in Hemodialysis PatientsFree Communication Fansan ZhuDialysis, Section FC25Sunday, May 26, 20248:30Room A6RRI
381043Metabolomics and Proteomics Study on Kidney Function Post-Liver TransplantationModerated Oral Nadja GrobeMO 2.1Saturday, May 25, 20248:30Room T5RRI
391506Uremic toxicity: gaining novel insights through AI-driven literature reviewOral Hanjie ZhangChronic Kidney DiseaseSaturday, May 25, 202412:00Room 8RRI