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Home hemodialysis

When patients feel better they live better

  • Individualize treatment to the time and place that matches patients’ lifestyle
  • Opportunity to travel with own device
  • Simple installation

Why home hemodialysis (Home HD)?

Home HD is a home-based and therefore a flexible treatment option. Some studies demonstrate that Home HD can provide enhancements in aspects of quality of life5 and medical benefits to patients*:

  • Employment1
  • Reduced medication4
  • Feeling of freedom, flexibility, control2,7
  • Improved blood pressure control1,3,6,**
  • Maintenance of social relationships2
  • Improved phosphate removal4,**

Treatment options

Frequency and duration matter

More frequent and/or long duration hemodialysis has been shown to improve clinical outcomes.

More frequent home hemodialysis

Home hemodialysis enables more frequent treatment, for example short daily hemodialysis, which often refers to dialysis treatments at 5-6 times a week. Dialyzing more frequently is associated with improved outcomes for patients including but not limited to improved blood pressure control3, reduced post-dialytic recovery time8 and enhanced well-being.2,8

Frequent dialysis at home supports the individualization of treatment to a patient’s own medical and lifestyle needs. Patients have greater control over when and how long they dialyze.

Nocturnal home hemodialysis

Home nocturnal hemodialysis is performed overnight while the patient and care partner are sleeping. It can be a slower and longer treatment that more closely resembles healthy kidney function, which may be gentler on the heart compared to standard three-times weekly dialysis.1

Nocturnal hemodialysis is associated with improved phosphorus and ß2-m clearance, which could result in a more liberal diet.1

In addition, patients are able to have more time during the day for work, childcare, and travel. Nocturnal HHD may also relieve scheduling concerns for care partners.

Introducing System OneTM, ***

A device made for home patients


  • The easy-to-use drop-in cartridge allows for easy set-up and wipe-down after treatments

System One™ Cycler

  • This is the heart of the system that contains the fluid pumps and system controls
  • Simple interface to understand and use
  • Its portability gives patients the freedom to dialyse in any room of their home.

PureFlow™ SL

  • Creates dialysate using a combination of purified water and concentrated dialysate

Home useage of the 5008S CorDiax

The 5008S CorDiax and AquaC Uno H are an alternative possibility to deliver Home HD and will continue to be supported by Fresenius Medical Care.

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* Some benefits only with more frequent and/or long session dialysis, benefits may vary from patient to patient
** Compared to 3x/week dialysis at 4-5 hour sessions
*** ”System One” is protected as a word mark in several countries

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