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Therapy Data Management System (TDMS)

An integrated solution for professionals

  • Data Acquisition
  • Data Management
  • Quality Assurance


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The right process tools for dialysis center professionals

The Therapy Data Management System – TDMS – is seamlessly integrated in existing working processes and supports the user in his or her daily tasks, such as ultra-filtration management, prescription transfer to dialysis devices or treatment documentation. As a total integrated solution, the Therapy Data Management System is a seamless link between the world of dialysis and information technology and provides the right tool for every professional in a dialysis center.

The Therapy Data Management System is a flexible solution to support working processes for individual demands in dialysis centers and hospitals. It stands for effective and safe support of your day-to-day work in your clinical routine.

The right services to empower your working tools

In addition to the necessary working tools, the planning, installation and maintenance of such a system on a professional and individual basis are important to ensure the effective and targeted use of software solutions that have been adapted to the interdisciplinary professional groups. This applies to the initial and future training of users of the applications. Just one contact partner is responsible both for coordinating the installation and the ongoing support of the integrated system.

Fresenius Medical Care is one of the few companies able to provide the full range of products and services required for an integrated IT solution that supports hemodialysis.

In the area of Monitoring

  • Recording the weight of a patient before and after dialysis
  • Preparation and pre-setting of the dialysis devices
  • Documenting the treatment process
  • Documenting any additional laboratory tests during the dialysis
  • Documenting any administration of medication
  • Documenting results of the treatment
  • Documenting predetermined working procedures
  • Documenting any changes in the treatment procedures

In the Clinical Data Management field

  • Creation and processing of instructions for dialysis treatment
  • Creation and processing of medication instructions
  • Maintenance of administration data
  • Maintenance and interpretation of laboratory data
  • Production of reports and writing doctors’ letters
  • Supporting internal and external quality assurance
  • Multicenter management capability
  • Advanced data analysis and reporting functionality
  • Treatment and medication scheduling at patient or clinic level

In the area of Corporate Data Management

  • Communication with higher-level hospital information systems (HIS) in hospitals
  • Supporting core business processes in hospitals, e. g. billing process and treatment documentation in electronic health records

Therapy Data Management System (TDMS)

Technical aspects

Due to increased demands in technological aspects, the modular structure of the system in combination with used state-of-the-art technologies and architectures also enables a flexible adaptation and integration of the system in your infrastructure within a dialysis center.

In addition, this architecture provides numerous options and different ways of combining with other systems, so that there is room for future development and expansion of your dialysis center.

TDMS provides the professionals in your team responsible for technical issues with the tools to perform efficient and effective work either for administration, updating or the needed documentation to implement the system in your quality management system.

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