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Home dialysis


Not all products and services are cleared or available for sale in all EU countries. Check your country web site for details. 

The right therapy at the right time and place

In chronic kidney disease, there is not one perfect therapy that can be applied to all patients. It’s about choosing the right therapy at the right time and place and continuously adapting it to the needs of the patient. With our vision of reaching smart decision-making support, state-of-the-art therapies and patient management tools, we bring home to life.

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Patients on dialysis are on a journey, and there are good reasons to consider home dialysis first. Therapy within the comfort of the patient’s home may reduce travel times and increase patient autonomy and flexibility, while simultaneously reducing workload for caregivers.1,2

Home therapies can also offer cost effectiveness potential.As informed patients are more likely to consider starting their dialysis as a home therapy, expanding the therapy range by home dialysis may offer a competitive advantage and may allow a centre to grow.4

Your partner in home dialysis solutions –
We bring home to life

With our expertise, we aim to offer more than state-of- the-art therapies. From the decision-making process, training solutions and the start of the treatment to the everyday management of dialysis, we are here to support you every step of the patient pathway. Fresenius Medical Care wants to be your partner in home dialysis, via offering a range of solutions for both peritoneal dialysis (PD) and home hemodialysis (HHD) as well as services to support you, the associated clinical and practical solutions. We provide full support throughout the patient’s pathway – and during all modality changes. With our high standards, we provide you with a comprehensive portfolio to improve outcomes for your patients while fulfilling their personal preferences.

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Performance you know and trust in-center – the 5008S CorDiax is also available at home, offering different benefits for patients.

* The 5008S CorDiax consits of the product 5008S and a software version greater than 4.50. All features described are offered with the 5008S CorDiax. 

The NxStage VersiHD home hemodialysis machine offers the convenience of portability for treatment in the comfort of a patient’s home.

CAPD - reading woman

The stay•safe system helps patients with daily self-care CAPD treatment in a simple and convenient way.

APD - man sitting on a bed

Automated peritoneal dialysis (APD) is a home treatment that can also be carried out during the night. Fresenius Medical Care's APD products include sleep•safe harmony, sleep•safe and SILENCIA.

In addition to technology - supporting care along the patient pathway

Together with HCPs we have developed different guidance tools which support you in your daily job to offer potential treatment options for every patient independently of time and location. Our aim is to support you making every therapy option as good as possible for the patient and therefore develop tools along the patient pathway. In the following table, you can find our solutions for transition patients, who are about to start or change therapy.

With our portfolio for predialysis and dialysis patients, we want to provide you with a broad range of tools you can utilize to offer the right therapy to your patients along the patient pathway.

Chronic kidney disease and transition

Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is a worldwide public health problem. Its prevalence in Europe is as high as 5.9 patients for every 100 people (CKD3-CKD5).5 An especially critical period in the CKD patient care pathway is when kidney function declines to the stage, where renal replacement therapy (RRT) is required. This transition phase requires complex treatment decisions from a patient, which includes choosing RRT modality.6,7 Shared decision-making helps physicians find the best therapy fit.8

Inform & Decide - Comprehensive information for profound shared decision making

Every patient is unique and so is their therapy. By offering the complete scope of treatment options in home-, as well as center-based-dialysis, we have the expertise to support your therapy decision – based on the patient’s needs. FMC can support you with comprehensive patient education materials and therapy decision support to support the modality choice conversation with patients and help to choose the right therapy for every patient.

Kidney replacement therapy decision aid tool for patients

A decision aid tool might support you and your family to compare different treatment options based on your lifestyle needs and have more meaningful discussions with healthcare professionals. While the decision aid tool provides valuable information to patients and their families, it is important to note that it does not replace the advice and support of healthcare professionals.

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Our experience in pictures

See in the following video some patient challenges during the patient pathway and how FMC is supporting you and your patients.


Not all products and services are cleared or available for sale in all EU countries. Check your country web site for details. 

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