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Making transplants safer and more widely available

As part of its holistic approach to renal care, Fresenius Medical Care wants to play an active role in the field of kidney transplantation.

Dr. Benjamin Hippen is Head of Transplantation Medicine at Fresenius Medical Care. In this newly created role, the distinguished general and transplant nephrologist will lead and speed up global efforts to facilitate access to safe transplants.

Dr. Hippen, how important is the issue of transplantation to Fresenius Medical Care?

Dr. Hippen: In its Strategy 2025, Fresenius Medical Care has committed to providing comprehensive care for patient groups across the entire spectrum of kidney disease. This also includes transplantation, which is undoubtedly the best type of therapy for many patients.

What can the Company do for these patients?

Dr. Hippen: Fresenius Medical Care pursues a multi-faceted approach in this respect. This includes focusing on patient care in all phases of kidney disease, before and after transplantation, as well as developing strategies and technologies to make more kidneys available for transplants.

So it is about new care approaches for transplant patients, for instance?

Dr. Hippen: I would like to see patients receive continuous, multidisciplinary support regardless of whether they are on dialysis, have had a transplant or are in a transitional phase. We need to break down barriers and develop new services here to improve patients’ quality of life.

Do you see further potential for innovations in medical technology?

Dr. Hippen: Absolutely! For instance, research into new technologies for organ preservation and regeneration is very promising. One of our clearly defined tasks is to make kidney transplants safer and more widely available, while also extending transplant survival and, by extension, the longevity of our patients.

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