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Patient Seating & Weighing overview

About our patient seating & weighing

In renal care centers as well as at home dialysis and critical care, besides dialysis devices, various other active medical devices are used to provide high quality treatment and patient care.

Most of these devices are highly integrated in the treatment and care processes with and without IT-connectivity. These medical devices are important for patient safety and comfort as well as regulatory compliance for the provider.


Patient seating & weighing for different dialysis treatments

Fresenius Medical Care offers a range of patient seating & weighing as part of the whole product portfolio for dialysis treatment in the areas:

  • In-Center
  • Critical Care
  • Home therapies


High-quality suppliers

Products offered by Fresenius Medical Care in this section are all trading goods and medical devices, selected for the use in dialysis treatment in combination with our own products and solutions. Fresenius Medical Care has established long-term partnerships with these specialized international high-quality suppliers.


Product range

Fresenius Medical Care offers the following products:

Therapy chairs — for reliable and comfortable patient treatment
Fresenius Medical Care offers therapy and medical treatment chairs especially designed for dialysis needs of patients and nurses.

Therapy beds — for multimorbid and critical patient care
With increasing numbers of elderly and multimorbid patients, the safe and stable lying during treatment is more and more important in dialysis care. Therefore Fresenius Medical Care offers high-quality clinical beds for dialysis centers and critical care dialysis units.

Medical patient scales — for valid measurement and reliable data transfer
The medical patient scales from our partners offer a verified and reliable interface to our own IT systems. This ensures comfortable and reliable data transfer into the clinical data management system as a plug and play solution.


Technical service from maintenance to repair

As a part of Fresenius Medical Care services, our technical service department offers:

  • Technical service from maintenance to repair for clinical beds and therapy chairs, including spare part management

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