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My support team

If you are feeling unwell, don’t forget that you are not alone.

Your support team will be right by your side.

Create a network

Social interaction and being in close contact with your friends and family is one of the key factors to overcoming your challenges with your disease. Actively try to create a network of reliable contacts. Don't be afraid to ask family members or your physician for help. An open approach to the disease can encounter unexpected understanding. You and your health are important to your family. Don't push people away for fear of being a burden!

If you feel that the situation is overwhelming and you see no way out, then reach out for help. Don’t be ashamed to seek the assistance of a therapist. Therapists support you in overcoming difficult situations and finding strategies to cope with them. You are worth getting help for!

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Stay in touch with other patients.

Fellow patients can be a source of support as they might be dealing with a situation similar to yours. You can exchange experiences and tips with each other - or simply spend a nice afternoon together.

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