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Therapy chairs

Medical and therapy chairs for safe and comfortable patient treatment.

Medical and therapy chairs for dialysis

In dialysis care, patients have to stay regularly for hours in therapy chairs while treatment is conducted. Therefore, comfort and safety of the treatment chair / bed chair are key for patient experience.


High-quality suppliers

Fresenius Medical Care offers medical therapy chairs for dialysis and other therapies from two suppliers:

Fresenius Medical Care and Likamed share a long and successful partnership with quality, design and safety at its core. Likamed is a German manufacturer offering a wide portfolio of therapy chairs and bed chairs.

Actualway is a portuguese manufacturer with straightforward and comfortable therapy chairs active in more than 40 countries worldwide.


Therapy chairs portfolio

Our range of therapy chairs includes the following:

Likamed therapy chair Sensa i

The Sensa i is the latest therapy chair from Likamed, designed as a configurable platform, thereby allowing many options and functions selected to your needs.
The Sensa i can be configured with an online configurator and ordered at Fresenius Medical Care so you receive the product that fulfills your patient and nurse needs.

Likamed therapy chair Salsa

The Salsa is the economic therapy chair from Likamed, a high quality scissor lift therapy chair with 1 to 4 motors that can be used in dialysis as well as in oncology and transfusion medicine.

Likamed therapy bed chair Silovo

The Silovo is the therapy bed chair from Likamed with flexibility regarding the configuration and the options to fulfill your needs. Bed chairs are chairs with a one-piece mattress that allows very comfortable sitting and lying while being able to have a real seating position compared to clinical beds including a slender and appealing design.

Actualway therapy chair Serie II

The Serie II therapy chair is the main dialysis product from Actualway, reliable and stable with comfortable upholstery. There are some options like a reading lamp available.

Product brochures

SILOVO® – The compact bed chair
SALSA® – Compact and functional treatment chair
Therapy Chair Serie II
Eco Chair Serie II

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