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5008S CorDiax

man sitting next to 5008S CorDiax

Performance you know and trust in-center, also available at home


Not all products and services are cleared or available for sale in all EU countries. Check your country web site for details. 

Centered around the dialysis machine 5008S CorDiax*, Fresenius Medical Care has developed a comprehensive portfolio of complementary products that make partner-assisted or self-hemodialysis treatment reliable and easy.

Patient with nurse

Benefits of using a conventional system: 5008S CorDiax with AquaC UNO H

Multiple therapy modalities possible

  • More frequent and/or
  • Shorter, longer duration
  • High Flux HD, Online HDF, single needle, double needle
  • Online HDF is also possible for home patients
  • Same machines as in-center may allow for comfort and familiarity for nurses when training patients
5008S CorDiax

Same Therapy as in-center

High performance therapy from in-center, also available at home
  • Individualize patient prescriptions by selection of Fresenius Medical Care diverse catalog of acid, bicarbonate concentrates, as well as dialyzer size and type according to your patients' evolving needs  
  • Potential to enhance and individualize substitution volume with AutoSub plus when performing HDF
  • Reduce disposable usage and storage by taking advantage of online priming, bolus and rinsing, which reduces the number of saline bags needed
venacc 5008S
5008S with optional VenAcc Patch stops the blood pump immediately if fluid is detected, e.g. caused by needle dislodgement

Sophisticated safety and usability features

  • Special user interface and simplified patient screen for easy access to key treatment functions
  • Improved monitoring of the venous path with Venous Access Monitoring (VAM), a dynamic and highly sensitive monitoring of the venous pressure
  • The single-use sensor patch of the VenAcc wetness detector enables immediate detection of small amounts of fluid
screen remote
Simplified screen for control of key treatment parameters and a remote control

Ergonomic design for easy use

  • ONLINE priming for simple preparation of the extracorporeal circuit: no ready-made rinse solutions needed for priming, reinfusion, and bolus
  • Rotatable screen, for good visibility, that can be dimmed for undisturbed nocturnal dialysis
  • Remote control with wireless communication and emergency button, allowing easy handling of the key treatment parameters
aquac uno-h frontal with porter


Single patient reverse osmosis device

This compact reverse osmosis has been developed to be installed at home and take up the least possible space. In addition, it offers:

  • Automatic regular initial technical self-test prior to treatment
  • Simple, user-friendly controls

Due to its programmable automated heat disinfection program, only few patient handling steps needed and can thus reduce risks of potential user handling errors done with a manual chemical disinfection.


  • Compact and transportable


* The 5008S CorDiax consists of the product 5008S and a software version greater than 4.50. All features described are offered with the 5008S CorDiax.

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