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Compensation of the Management Board

The compensation of the Management Board is granted within the framework of the Compensation System 2020+. The Compensation System 2020+ complies with the requirements set out in the German Stock Corporation Act, as amended by the German Act Implementing the Second (EU) Shareholder Rights Directive (ARUG II), as well as the recommendations regarding the compensation system of Management Board members set out in Chapter G of the German Corporate Governance Code in the version dated December 16, 2019. It was presented to the Annual General Meeting on August 27, 2020 for approval under item 6 of the agenda and approved with a majority of 95.05 %.

Download Invitation of the Annual General Meeting 2020 incl. agenda
Download Presentation Illustrative Summary
Download Voting result for item 6 of the agenda of the Annual General Meeting 2020

The Compensation System 2020+ makes a significant contribution of promoting the business strategy and the long-term, sustainable development of Fresenius Medical Care. It provides effective incentives for the achievement of the strategic goals as well as for the long-term value-creation of the Company, taking into account the interests of patients, shareholders, employees and other stakeholders.

The Compensation System 2020+ is based on the following guiding principles:

Compensation system 2020+

The Compensation Report summarizes the main elements of the system for the compensation of the members of the Management Board. The amounts and structure of the Management Board compensation for the past fiscal year are also explained therein.

Compensation Report 2022
Compensation Report 2021
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Our Management Board currently consists of five members. The international composition and the varied responsibilities reflect our global operations.

Fresenius Medical Care is committed to responsible management that is focused on achieving a sustainable increase in the value of the Company.