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Corporate culture

"Creating a future worth living. For patients. Worldwide. Every day."

This is our vision that unites all of us at Fresenius Medical Care.

Our vision, mission and core values provide a clear framework and guidance for the behavior and actions of our diverse workforce all around the world.

What connects us

Watch what inspires, connects and unites us – all over the globe.


Creating a future worth living. For patients. Worldwide. Every day.

Decades of experience in dialysis, innovative research, the global leader in dialysis services and products – that is Fresenius Medical Care.

Patients with kidney disease can now look ahead with much more confidence thanks to our innovative technologies and treatment concepts. We give them a future, one that offers them the best-possible quality of life. We use the increasing demand for modern dialysis methods to our advantage and work consistently to enhance the company’s growth. Together with our employees, we focus on pursuing strategies that will enable us to uphold our technological leadership. As a vertically integrated company, we offer products and services for the entire dialysis value chain.

The highest medical standards are our benchmark. This is our commitment to our patients, our partners in the healthcare system and our investors, who trust in the reliable performance and the future of Fresenius Medical Care.


We provide the best possible care. Sustainably in diverse healthcare systems. For a growing number of patients around the world.

Fresenius Medical Care achieves optimal sustainable clinical, quality and technological standards in patient care through our commitment to developing innovative products and therapies.

The unique position of Fresenius Medical Care builds on many years of professional experience and continual innovation. Accordingly, the focus of our research and development effort is to maintain the technological and clinical edge needed to create innovative products and enhanced therapies. Our employees are united in our commitment to providing high quality products and services and bringing the optimal sustainable medical and professional practices to patient care.


We come from diverse cultural backgrounds and all have different experiences. These core values will inspire, connect and unite us – everyone at Fresenius Medical Care all over the globe. They translate our vision into our daily work and guide all our actions, decisions and behaviors. And they help us leading Fresenius Medical Care into a successful future.


Collaborative means that we know how to work together for our shared purpose and to achieve our goals as one company.

We team up

We care about sharing information and experiences as this helps us learn from our mistakes and each other. We tackle challenges together by reaching out to colleagues both near and far. We communicate openly.


Proactive means that we are good at taking the initiative to make an impact with our work.

We get things done

We challenge the status quo and show interest in what happens around us. We ask questions to clearly understand what needs to be done and take ownership of the results.


Reliable means that we are a trusted companion to our patients, partners and colleagues.

We do what we say

We live up to our own expectations, show respect and lead by example. We act with integrity and in line with our standards every day.


Excellent means that we continuously drive quality and progress to lead the business into a successful future.

We exceed expectations

We make things better today than they were yesterday. We pitch ideas on how to improve and innovate.

Our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct makes our core values even more tangible. It defines the rules for our daily work internally and externally, besides many other different regulations within Fresenius Medical Care.

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