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Capital Markets Day

Capital Markets Day 2020

The Capital Markets Day took place on October 8, 2020. In order to ensure a safe and convenient participation in the COVID-19 pandemic environment, we converted for the first time in history our Capital Markets Day to a virtual-only event.

The event was a mix of presentations and Q&A sessions with different members of the C-level team.

Presentation: Strategy (Rice Powell)

Presentation: The Strategy in Numbers (Helen Giza)

Workshop 1: Renal Care Continuum (Frank W. Maddux)

Workshop 2: Home Dialysis (William Valle, Kent Wanzek)

Workshop 3: Therapy Innovations (Dr. Olaf Schermeier, Harry de Wit)

Workshop 4: Value-based Care (Frank W. Maddux, William Valle)

Workshop 5: Product Business (Dr. Katarzyna Mazur-Hofsäß, Harry de Wit)

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