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ADR program

New York Stock Exchange

Fresenius Medical Care ADR (American Depositary Receipt) shares trade on the NYSE. The first trading day on the NYSE for the common ADRs was October 1, 1996.

An ADR is a negotiable U.S. certificate representing ownership of shares in a non-U.S. corporation. Two ordinary ADRs correspond to one ordinary share of Fresenius Medical Care. ADR holders are entitled to all dividends, which will be distributed in U.S. dollars. Other distributions and rights pertaining to the underlying Fresenius Medical Care shares will be made available to ADR holders if applicable. Fresenius Medical Care ADRs are quoted in U.S. dollars and are traded on the NYSE in the same fashion as U.S. stock. ADRs facilitate the process for U.S. investors to invest in Fresenius Medical Care.

ADR Issuers with a listing on a U.S. stock exchange must comply with the registration and reporting requirements of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). This entails, among other things, the filing of a Form 20-F on an annual basis, and full compliance with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002.

Ratio ADR : Share 2 : 1
Exchange NYSE
Symbol FMS
CUSIP 358029106
Depositary BNY Mellon
Industry Health Care Providers
Share prices (ADR NYSE)   2021 2020 2019 2018 2017
Year-end price in $ 32.46 41.56 36.83 32.39 52.55
Year-high in $ 43.32 46.55 42.75 57.51 52.72
Year-low in $ 29.82 29.21 31.10 31.30 39.70


Trading in ADR

Fresenius Medical Care ADRs can be purchased similar to any other U.S.-traded stocks, either via a broker or by enrolling in the BNY Mellon’s Global BuyDIRECT plan, a direct stock purchase and dividend reinvestment plan.

As our Depositary Bank, BNY Mellon provides the following services:

  • Recording and maintaining the register of ADR holders (Transfer Agent)
  • Distributing dividends in U.S. dollars
  • Facilitating the proxy voting process and exercising the voting rights on behalf of ADR holders
  • Servicing hard copy requests for Fresenius Medical Care annual reports, company circulars and Annual General Meeting documents


Transfer Agent Contact Details:

BNY Mellon Shareowner Services
P.O. Box 43006
Providence RI 02940-3078



Tel.: +1 888-269-2377 (toll-free number in the U.S.)

Tel.: +1 201 680 6825 (international)

For those investors who are holding their ADRs in "street name" (nominee account), you will receive any company-related communication from BNY Mellon through your broker.

This is not an offer by Fresenius Medical Care to sell or the solicitation of an offer by Fresenius Medical Care to buy Fresenius Medical Care ADRs but is solely sponsored and admnistered by BNY Mellon, to be reached using one of the above-mentioned contact methods.

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