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We are committed to enhancing the quality of life of people suffering from kidney disease. Achieving advances in dialysis and providing our patients with the best possible drugs has been our motivation for 20 years and it remains so today. We have continually risen to this challenge over the years and have established ourselves as the technology and market leader. By stepping up our investment in dialysis-related areas in the future, we are also looking to even further build on our medical expertise – for the benefit of our patients. 

The successful parallel development of these key components ultimately secured our position as technology leader.

Reiner Spickermann
Reiner Spickermann, in charge of development for hemodialysis equipment at the Schweinfurt site over the past 20 years

Pushing the boundaries

Prof. Dr. Bernard Canaud

We need to look at patients’ overall situation and grasp every opportunity to improve their quality of life.

Prof. Dr. Bernard Canaud
Chief Medical Officer

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