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NxStage System One

NxStage System One - female patient

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Designed to provide simplicity, flexibility and portability


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What is the NxStage System One

System One is a portable hemodialysis system with an interface that allows for easier set-up and is designed for use at home. It provides flexibility to make home hemodialysis (HHD) a practical reality.


Zooming into the System

NxStage System One offers two dialysate sources. The first one is via PureFlow SL, in which a batch of dialysate can be prepared directly at home and warmed up for the treatment. The second one is via dialysate bags as an alternative for home patients.

Benefits of using a dedicated system: NxStage System One

Designed for home patients

  • User interface designed for patients


Designed for frequent and flexible therapy

  • More frequent therapy possible at home
  • Depending on their prescriptions, patients are able to schedule when they want to carry out their treatment, which gives patients a greater feeling of control and flexibility1

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Designed for home

  • Minor or no home renovations needed
  • With the NxStage System One, patients can dialyze almost in any area of their home


Designed for portability

  • Small footprint: the NxStage cycler can be easily moved around
  • There are two methods of dialysate supply, bags or PureFlow SL, which provides flexibility also while traveling


Designed for ease of handling

  • Treatment performed with the use of a drop-in cartridge
  • After treatment - remove the cartridge, wipe the device, and it's done!

Drop-in cartridge customized for HHD treatments with NxStage System One

Cartridge Express includes an integrated dialyzer and bloodlines, which facilitates an easier set-up.

Due to the preassembling of the dialyzer to the cartridge during manufacturing, the Cartridge Express products are designed to:

  • reduce risk for user errors related to dialyzer connections
  • reduce risk of touch-point contamination sites


Patient Leaflet
NxStage System One
NxStage Cartridge Express

Find more information about the NxStage System One. 

Patient stories

How Home hemodialysis kept Mathew’s passion alive
Mathew Herbert is a UK patient who began in-center hemodialysis at age 17. After five years, his father donated a kidney, but the transplant failed, and Mathew had to restart dialysis. Since 2014, he switched to home hemodialysis every other day and started soon after pursuing his passion again for cycling. Now, Mathew dialyses overnight and works as a chef, using his split shifts to ride his bike for an hour.

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1 Walker RC et al. Clin Outcomes Res 2017; 9:149-161