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Why HighVolumeHDF?

Do it for your patients:
Just push the button.

High-volume HDF has clinical advantages. It is easy to carry out and brings economic value.1
But most of all, patients may live for longer, as indicated by the CONVINCE study, which showed a 23% reduction in the risk of mortality in the HDF vs. HD group.2

We have always been convinced that high-volume HDF is one great step forward.

Schematic graph adapted from Benz Schaefer 201229

What is high-volume hemodiafiltration?

HighVolumeHDF is the most effective modality in the typical in-center 4 hour hemodialysis setting with regards to patient survival.2,30

High-volume hemodiafiltration can prolong the lives of dialysis patients.2,8,9 This renal replacement therapy, which has existed since the 80s, is a treatment that comes closer to the purification profile of natural kidneys, thanks to the combination of two principles: diffusion and convection.

It is the dialysis therapy that has grown the most in the world in the last ten years
It is available in more than 90 countries
More than 4,000 scientific publications available on the therapy (Pubmed)
In Europe and other countries,
high-volume HDF has become an established treatment modality
The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) in England recommends considering HDF as the first option rather than HD1

Do it for your patients: Just push the button.

How to implement HighVolumeHDF?

HighVolumeHDF is Fresenius Medical Care

Our commitment to making HighVolumeHDF available to all patients has resulted in an advanced and highly synergetic portfolio. We can offer you an integrated business and therapy solution, enhanced by services tailored to support your specific needs:

Literally, all you need to do is: Just push the button.

Switching to HighVolumeHDF is remarkably straightforward. Our specialized HighVolumeHDF product line, coupled with dedicated support from our technicians, medical, scientific and application specialists, enables a seamless and viable transition with no additional workload.

A history of commitment to HDF

Do it for your patients: Just push the button.

1, Renal replacement therapy and conservative management, published date: October 2018. 
* All statements and assessments by NICE are based on care practice and costs in England.

2 Blankestijn PJ et al., CONVINCE Scientific Committee Investigators, Effect of Hemodiafiltration or Hemodialysis on Mortality in Kidney Failure, N Engl J Med 2023 Aug 24;389(8):700-709

3 Internal calculation is based on an example at QB = 300 mL/min and a 240-minute treatment. There are savings of 34 L of dialysis fluid with post HDF at AutoFlow factor 1.2, with QD = 360 mL/min, compared to post HDF, with a fixed QD = 500 mL/min.

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