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4008 series hemodialysis machines

Quality treatment to suit your budget

Combining technological enhancement with shown reliability. Owing to its demonstrated performance, the 4008 product family has been trusted by health care professionals in dialysis globally for over 25 years.


Not all products and services are cleared or available for sale in all countries. Check your country web site for details. 


The 4008S* combines technological enhancement with an emphasis on delivering high quality hemodialysis treatment while maintaining its proven reliability and accessibility.

The 4008S provides the following functionalities:

  • Online assessment of dialysis efficiency and dialysis dose with Online Clearance Monitor (OCM)
  • Ultrapure dialysis fluid with DIASAFEplus
  • Hygienic dry bicarbonate concentrate supply with bibag
  • Improved sustainability via dialysate, concentrate, water and energy savings with AdaptedFlow*
  • Integrated measurement of vital parameters with Blood Pressure Monitoring (BPM)
  • Optional data management with Therapy Data Management System (TDMS)
  • Intuitive and easy handling


*Feature is not available in all countries

Online assessment of dialysis efficiency and dialysis dose

Online Clearance Monitor (OCM*) enables the continuous monitoring of:

  • In-vivo urea clearance (K)
  • Accumulated cleared plasma (Kt) or the current administered dialysis dose (Kt/V)
  • Plasma sodium determination allows an adaptation of the sodium concentration of the dialysate to the physiological value of the patient. Sodium settings can be adapted during treatment* without incurring additional expenses for disposables or staff efforts


*OCM measurement is not possible in Single-Needle or ISO-UF mode

DIASAFEplus - The dialysis fluid filter

The quality and purity of the dialysis fluid are important and critical aspects to deliver high quality dialysis treatments and therefore of major concern in modern-day renal replacement therapies. Ultrapure dialysis fluid lowers the risk of bacterial contamination1. The DIASAFEplus filter enables the production of ultrapure dialysis fluid in accordance with ISO standards*. This is mainly attributed to the high endotoxin retention capabilities of its unique high quality inline steam sterilized Fresenius Polysulfone fibres11

* ISO 23500:2019: Preparation and quality management of fluids for hemodialysis and related therapies.

The advanced DIASAFEplus system enables:

  • Aseptic and reliable connection technology (DIAFIX lock system)
  • Functional control of filter integrity before and during treatment
  • Automatic surveillance of the filter´s lifetime

bibag - Online dry bicarbonate concentrate

  • Dry bicarbonate helps to prevent bacterial growth3
  • Easy and ergonomic handling via simple one-handed and hygienic connection to 4008S
  • Reduced required storage space compared to liquid bicarbonate in canisters
  • Improved sustainability due to reduced waste volume and less transport weight (compared to conventional concentrates)

Improved sustainability with AdaptedFlow*

During dialysis treatment:

  • Efficient trade-off without compromising dialysis efficiency²
  • Automatically adjusted dialysate consumption based on effective blood flow
  • Reduced consumption of concentrates, water and energy


Before and after dialysis treatment:

  • Reduced dialysate consumption in single-path
  • Reduced dialysate flow for improved hygiene


* Feature is not available in all countries

Integrated measurement of vital parameters with Blood
Pressure Monitoring (BPM)

  • Fully automated, non-invasive measurement with different modes
    (manual, interval, quick)
  • Measurement of systolic and diastolic blood pressure, mean arterial
    pressure and heart rate (pulse)
  • Text and graphical display, including blood pressure history
  • Adjustable settings, including configurable upper and lower alarm limits for each value
  • Different cuff sizes (XS - XL) including latex-free cuffs and tubes available for patients with allergies

Optional data management with Therapy Data Management System (TDMS)

  • Reduced effort in device setup by pre-setting of dialysis treatment parameters
  • Simplification of treatment documentation by continuously recording of dialysis treatment

Intuitive and easy handling

  • Ergonomic design and logical operating structure
  • Configurable Auto-On programs to start T1 test or a cleaning program
  • Optional connection to Central Delivery System (CDS) for acid concentrates


* The 4008S consists of the product 4008 S V10 and a software version equal or greater than 10.0



Reliable and accessible for more patients

Owing to its demonstrated performance, the 4008 product family has been trusted by medical dialysis professionals for over 25 years.

The 4008A provides high quality dialysis treatments. It was designed to enhance the accessibility of dialysis treatment for patients around the globe. 

Reliable safety and handling features

Enables high-quality treatments – suggested medical benefits 

Preservation of residual kidney function8 with ultrapure dialysis fluid10

Preservation of residual kidney function (RKF) is associated with lower all-cause mortality and higher quality of life9

  • RKF is the ability of native kidneys to eliminate water and uremic toxins in patients with end-stage kidney disease (ESKD)9
  • Preserving RKF is among the primary goals in managing patients with ESKD9
  • Ultrapure dialysis fluid as a standard in all treatments may contribute to the preservation of RKF10


Contact our local representative for more study results.

Reduction of inflammation with ultrapure dialysis fluid1

Inflammation is associated with increased risk of mortality4

Establishing ultrapure dialysis fluid as a standard could contribute to the reduction of inflammation in dialysis patients 1
By contributing to reduced inflammation in dialysis patients, using ultrapure dialysis fluid could potentially help reduce cardiovascular risk and morbidity 1,5

Contact our local representative for more study results.

Reduction of the risk of dialysis-related amyloidosis with ultrapure dialysis fluid6

Dialysis-related amyloidosis (DRA) is a serious complication of long-term hemodialysis7

  • DRA can lead to various bone and joint disorders, such as carpal tunnel syndrome and spondyloarthropathy7
  • It is characterized by the buildup and deposition of amyloid fibrils, mainly composed of β2 microglobulins (β2-m)7

Contact our local representative for more study results.

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