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Ready4 multiFiltratePRO AR

Innovative Augmented Reality (AR) learning experience

Ready4 multiFiltratePRO AR is a learner-centered training platform with engaging, on-demand content that blends reality with interactive, virtual 3D objects. It is designed to provide an efficient, flexible and engaging learning experience for you and your teams.


Not all products and services are cleared or available for sale in all EU countries. Check your country web site for details.

Please note: The Ready4 multiFiltratePRO AR learning experience does not replace a personal training and a careful review of the relevant Instructions For Use of the multiFiltratePRO and its disposables.

Improving proficiency and confidence with AR

In today's critical care environment, healthcare teams face signicant challenges. At Fresenius Medical Care, we are committed to developing solutions that help your team deliver effective continuous kidney replacement therapy (CKRT) with the multiFiltratePRO. Today's technology enables new and innovative approaches to support caregivers needing to perform at the highest levels while providing critical care therapy.

Ready4 multiFiltratePRO AR is an innovative refresher training to improve the proficiency and confidence of multiFiltratePRO users by providing an engaging Augmented Reality learning experience.


  • Accessible to all multiFiltratePRO customers with a WiFi connection and a Ready4 multiFiltratePRO AR subscription
  • Hands-on education with an intuitive interface
  • Seamless integration into your CKRT educational program


  • Self-guided training for set-up and troubleshooting
  • On-demand retraining when and where you need it
  • Option to remotely connect to our expert educators


  • Diverse learning needs served by Augmented Reality
  • Interactive virtual content superimposed on the multiFiltratePRO
  • Automatic content updates

Enhance your team’s proficiency and confidence - aiming to achieve

  • Smoother workflows
  • Fewer device errors during use
  • More consistent treatment delivery

Why is Augmented Reality (AR) training increasingly used as an educational tool?

Evidence demonstrates that AR:

  • Can enhance learning delivery, presentation and the utilization of sensory systems1
  • Allows for repeated use of difficult training scenarios in an immersive and realistic environment2
  • Training with head-mounted glasses was shown to improve practical skills, reduce stress, and foster self-confidence2

Technical specifications

  • Single size
  • Fits over glasses
  • Weight: 566g
Input options
  • Touch input
  • Voice command
  • Gaze control
  • Battery life:
  • 2– 3 hours of active use
  • Charging:
    USB-PD for fast charging
    USB Type-C
  • Windows Holographic Operating System
  • Microsoft Edge

Are you Ready4 a leap forward?
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1 Dhar P, Rocks T, Samarasinghe RM et al. Augmented reality in medical education: students' experiences and learning outcomes. Med Educ Online. 2021;26(1):1953953.

2 Barteit S, Lanfermann L, Bärnighausen T et al. Augmented, Mixed, and Virtual Reality-Based Head-Mounted Devices for Medical Education: Systematic Review. JMIR Serious Games. 2021;9(3):e29080.

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