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Ci‑Ca therapy

Integrating Ci‑Ca therapy in your clinical practice

Ci‑Ca therapy is a continuous kidney replacement therapy method that was developed by Fresenius Medical Care together with experienced clinicians. It was designed to provide reliable regional anticoagulation, using machine integrated citrate and calcium management.


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Think Ci‑Ca therapy.
Your responsibility in good hands.

Your professional world is changing constantly. You appreciate technologies that are continuously evolving and help you to provide your patients with even better therapy. We would like to support you by offering a comprehensive approach for citrate anticoagulation-based CKRT: Ci‑Ca therapy.

At a time when healthcare professionals are increasingly involved in non-caregiving activities such as administration, treatment documentation and medication preparation, there is a growing need for reliable, one-stop solutions which decrease the strain on the ICU staff.

Fresenius Medical Care is the first provider to offer a complete range of Ci‑Ca therapy products from a single source, supporting healthcare professionals to focus on the essential: patient care.

Regional citrate anticoagulation enables patient treatment with less bleeding complications and less filter clotting compared to heparin CKRT.1‑3 As one option to implement regional citrate anticoagulation, Ci‑Ca therapy is an effective and reliable alternative to heparin4‑11 and lets your ICU staff focus more on the patient and less on handling issues.5,11

Regional citrate anticoagulation in extracorporeal blood circuits

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Participate in our experience: Fresenius Medical Care was the first to offer a completely machine integrated Ci‑Ca regional citrate anticoagulation. Healthcare professionals in more than 30 countries have already gained experience with Ci‑Ca therapy and appreciate its reliable and easy application in clinical routines.5,6

Our proven citrate protocol is fully integrated in the multiFiltratePRO and reflected in all our Ci‑Ca products.

Think reliable.
Think Ci‑Ca therapy.

ICU days are busy and, as a doctor, you need to stay in control of a very complex environment. You shouldn’t need to worry about the reliability of CKRT treatments. We enable excellent patient treatment with few clotting and bleeding complications.5‑8,13,14

Your question


What is the advantage of Ci‑Ca therapy
over standard heparin treatment?


Our answer

Our answer


Citrate anticoagulation-based CKRT enables excellent patient treatment with fewer bleeding complications and less filter clotting compared to heparin.3,12‑14 Ci‑Ca regional anticoagulation is an effective and reliable alternative to heparin:

  • Proven citrate protocol5‑8
  • Enabling adherence to KDIGO AKI guideline2
  • Low associated bleeding risk5,7,8
  • Long filter patency4,6,8,10



Think smart.
Think Ci‑Ca therapy.

Nurses carry a lot of responsibility. So you look for ways to reduce workload and to focus on what is important. We help you to conduct a smoothly running CKRT with few interventions, making your work more plannable and enabling you to focus more on your patient.5,11

Your question


How can Ci‑Ca therapy give me more
plannability and reduce my workload?


Our answer

Our answer


Compared to heparin anticoagulation, Ci‑Ca therapy reduces the number of nurse interventions, and facilitates efficient work planning:

  • Prolonged filter lifetime corresponds to fewer filter changes4,10
  • Low bleeding risk with expectedly fewer interventions needed5,7,8
  • Ci‑Ca Therapy protocol and products support a predictable workflow5,11



Think value‑based.
Think Ci‑Ca therapy.

Budget decisions come with a lot of responsibility. You want to make sure that your clinic is offering the best possible treatment while managing your budget wisely. We strive to limit total cost of ownership while conducting advanced therapies.



Your question


How does Ci‑Ca therapy support a value‑based
approach and help to meet budget requirements?


Our answer

Our answer


Ci‑Ca therapy may improve your CKRT cost structure and total cost of ownership compared to systemic anticoagulation:5,15

  • Fewer bleeding events, potentially resulting in a lower number of required blood transfusions5,16
  • Less filter clotting leads to fewer treatment interruptions, reducing the workload and increasing the plannability of tasks4,5,10,11
  • The smart Ci‑Ca protocol enables efficient consumption of fluids by avoiding relevant predilution17,18



Think partner.
Think Ci‑Ca therapy.

Managing care is a complex task. You need to consider many different aspects – from therapy optimization to processes and costs. We offer you a one-stop solution from a strong and reliable partner.

Your question


What’s the benefit for our hospital
when switching to Ci‑Ca therapy?


Our answer

Our answer


Fresenius Medical Care can be your trusted one-stop business partner:

  • With our comprehensive Ci‑Ca therapy portfolio of tailored products and services, we offer what you need for a reliable and effective CKRT4‑8,10,11 from a single source.
  • As the world's leading provider of products and services for individuals with kidney diseases, we are able to provide the full range of support required for switching to Ci‑Ca therapy as well as for daily operation.


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