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Ci-Ca therapy

Think Ci-Ca Therapy.

Your responsibility in good hands.

We offer you a different dimension of CRRT treatment: Ci-Ca Therapy.


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Think Ci-Ca Therapy.

Your responsibility. Our answers.

Your professional world is changing constantly. You appreciate technologies that are continuously evolving and help you to provide your patients with an even better therapy. We would like to support you by offering a different dimension of CRRT treatment: Ci-Ca Therapy.

Ci-Ca Therapy is a continuous renal replacement therapy method that was developed by Fresenius Medical Care. It was designed to provide reliable regional anticoagulation, using integrated citrate and calcium management.

At a time when healthcare professionals are increasingly involved in non-caregiving activities such as administration, treatment documentation and medication preparation, there is a growing need for reliable, one-stop solutions which decrease the strain on the ICU staff.

Fresenius Medical Care is the first provider to offer a complete range of Ci-Ca therapy products from a single source. By taking the next step in improving patient and user safety with our SecuNect technology, we support health care professionals to focus on the essential: patient care.

Think reliable.

Think Ci-Ca Therapy.

ICU days are busy and you shouldn’t need to worry about the reliability of CRRT treatments. Ci-Ca CRRT enables excellent patient treatment with less bleeding complications and less filter clotting compared to heparin CRRT.1-3

"In conclusion, citrate based CVVHD therefore can be recommended as a useful tool for renal replacement therapy in critically ill patients in ICU.“4

Think efficient.

Think Ci-Ca Therapy.

You need to rely on your nursing staff. You want their workload to be low and plannable. We help you to get efficient support from your nursing staff and to facilitate smoothly running CRRT treatments.

"Due to the findings of this study, we also changed management of C-CVVHD in our unit to a restart of the circuits on Fridays resulting in stable CRRT over the weekend. This way, we reduced the workload for the (reduced number of) staff on a weekend.“4

Think value.

Think Ci-Ca Therapy.

You want to continuously improve your therapy, while considering budget constraints. So you are looking for the efficient use of CRRT consumables. The goal of our Ci-Ca therapy is to support you in reducing the total cost of ownership.

“[…] C-CVVHD is most likely less expensive and more cost-effective than conventional anticoagulation.”4

Think support.
Think Ci-Ca Therapy.

Do you already think Ci-Ca Therapy? Remember, local support is just a call away. We are more than happy to show you the way to reliable and cost-efficient CRRT.

Please contact your local Fresenius Medical Care respresentative for more information.

For customers from Asia-Pacific who want to get in contact, please visit our Asia-Pacific contact page.

Think more.
Think Ci-Ca Therapy.

If you want to think more about Ci-Ca Therapy, please download the document.

Think Ci-Ca Therapy
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   The abbreviation C-CVVHD is used in the original publication for CVVHD with citrate anticoagulation.