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Meet the new NxStage VersiHD

The confidence you need, the versatility patients love.


Not all products and services are cleared or available for sale in all EU countries. Check your country web site for details. 


Introducing NxStage VersiHD and the versatility it offers

Versatile solutions make home hemodialysis more flexible and adaptable to patients’ needs. Together with their health care professional, patients can decide how often, how long, where and when to perform their treatment according to their prescription.

This helps improve treatment outcomes and gives patients more freedom to live their life their way.

Versatility, advancing the flexibility of home hemodialysis

More frequently

Patients who perform home hemodialysis may expand their treatment time to 4 - 7 days a week if required, in order to improve their treatment outcomes.

Frequent home dialysis is associated with improved survival.1-4

In general, more frequent and/or long duration hemodialysis may be associated with:

Less stress on the heart 5,6
Improved blood pressure control with less medication 6,7
Potential for fewer dietary restrictions 8,9
Shorter recovery time after treatment10


Nocturnal or short-daily hemodialysis

The nocturnal hemodialysis regimen tends to be closer to the physiology of the native kidneys than conventional hemodialysis.11 In addition, nocturnal hemodialysis has been associated with comparable survival values with a deceased donor kidney transplantation.12

Patients on short-daily hemodialysis may experience less toxin and fluid buildup, have shorter post-dialysis recovery time after treatment, and have more energy.10,13


With the NxStage VersiHD, patients can dialyze almost in any area of their home.

PureFlow SL is designed to produce ultrapure dialysis water at a patient's home. A batch of dialysate can last up to 120 hours. It reduces the delivery, storage, and inventory management.

Pre-mixed dialysate bags are ideal for travelling.

The support you expect, the comfort patients seek

One cycler - two options for home and on the go

Click on the buttons to learn more about each component …

Cartridge Express
NxStage VersiHD
Dialysis fluid from PureFlow SL
VersiHD Dialysate bag
Dialysate Bags
Express Fluid Warmer
New Touchscreen

The Cartridge Express includes an integrated dialyzer and bloodlines, which facilitates an easier setup.

  • The drop-in sterilized cartridge is a closed system, without a blood-air interface, designed to reduce the need for anticoagulants during treatments.15,16
  • Reduced risk for touch point contamination sites, blood leaks and excessive air.
  • The entire blood flow and dialysate pathways are disposable. There’s no need for long post-treatment heating or disinfection with dangerous chemicals.
  • The cycler can simply be wiped down, and the cartridge thrown away.

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NxStage VersiHD is designed for:​

Your patients – Short training times and straightforward handling can open up a home treatment perspective.14
Their home – Two sources of dialysate, either different concentrations of prefabricated bags or an integrated production directly at the point of care, making major home renovations obsolete.*​
An easy setup – The drop-in Cartridge Express includes the integrated dialyzer, bloodlines, and dialysate lines.
More mobility – A lightweight system and flexible methods of dialysis make VersiHD a trusted travel​ companion.**​
Frequent therapy – Together with the physician, patients can choose a therapy option that works best for their lifestyles and individual treatment requirements.​
An improved carbon footprint – Low water consumption due to high dialysate saturation.​​

* Electrical and plumbing requirements subject to local and state regulations.​ See the user guide for the environmental requirements for treatment.​
** Portability subject to local and international standards. See the user guide​ for the environmental requirements for treatment. 

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Dialysate production at the point of care with PureFlow SL

  • The PureFlow SL is designed, tested and validated to produce ultrapure water from tap water*, accommodating most home water sources.
  • All incoming source water is converted to high-purity product water on a 1 : 1 basis.
  • Roughly the size of an end table, it reduces the need for delivery, storage and disposal of prefilled bags.
  • Integrated production directly at the point of care, makes major home renovations obsolete.**
  • And a prepared batch lasts up to 120 hours – depending on the prescription, a patient can do multiple treatments on a single PureFlow SL batch.
  • Thanks to a wheeled base, PureFlow SL can be moved around in the home setting.**

* See the user guide for source water purity requirements.
** Electrical and plumbing requirements subject to local and state regulations. This may also influence mobility within the home setting

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Dialysis fluid from pre-mixed bags

  • Pre-mixed dialysate bags are an alternative option for home hemodialysis therapy with NxStage VersiHD.
  • By using dialysate bags, patients have the freedom to dialyze wherever they go
  • Due to local requirements and regulations the dialysis fluid from pre-filled bags is not cleared or available for sale in all countries.

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Express Fluid Warmer

  • The Express Fluid Warmer delivers warmed dialysate from the dialysate bags to the cartridge.
  • Pre-mixed dialysate bags can be used as an alternative to the PureFlow SL.
  • By using an Express Fluid Warmer a pre-warmed dialysate is delivered at the point of care

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NxStage VersiHD features a smart touch screen interface that is designed to enhance ease of use.

The new interface guides users through their treatment – step-by-step and in their language – while responsive and accessible key presses allow a confident and comfortable cycler operation.

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The features you want, the language patients speak

NxStage VersiHD features a smart touch screen interface that is designed to enhance ease of use.

Versatile home hemodialysis can make a difference

The fact that you can decide for yourself, whether to dialyze in the morning or in the evening, or in the middle of the day — that was very important to me.

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