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Home therapies patient documentaries

Video documentaries of our home dialysis patients

Andreas is an auditor, family man and an APD patient from Germany. For Andreas, it's important to be able to continue to work along side the dialysis. 

Johan's a musician and father from Sweden and a CAPD patient. He was shocked when he was diagnosed but he's a positive person. Watch Johan's story. 

Silvano is a graphic designer from Italy and an APD patient. He likes creating something new that customers' want. Watch Silvano's story.

Is it true that if you become a dialysis patient, half of the life as you knew it simply ends? No. Not true. See the documentaries of our home dialysis patients now.

Adriano is a sales and family man from Italy, for whom activity, the mountains, fresh air and cycling are very important. Watch Adriano's story in this video.

Norbert's a soldier, family man and home hemodialysis patient from Germany, who likes motor homing. Watch Norbert's story in this video.

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