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Our strategy – the way forward

Creating a future worth living. For patients. Worldwide. Every day. This is our vision that unites all of us at Fresenius Medical Care – it always has and always will. We believe that in the future, health care will not be as we know it today. It faces multiple challenges: An ageing population and a rise in chronic diseases will transform patient demographics. Fragmented care and health care staff shortages will create a need for new solutions. At the same time, cost pressure and the limitations of current health care systems will call for these solutions to be deeply rooted at system level. Moreover, digitalization, above all data analytics and artificial intelligence, are already disrupting the way we deliver health care.

Our four core competencies – innovating products, operating outpatient facilities, standardizing medical procedures and coordinating patients efficiently – play a fundamental role in addressing these challenges. By leveraging our core competencies even further we intend to go a step further and take our strategy to the next level: To capture the opportunities and overcome the challenges, we have enhanced our strategy. This is the next step towards achieving our goal of providing health care for chronically and critically ill patients across the renal care continuum. We aim to offer sustainable solutions with innovative products and services of the highest quality at a reliable cost.

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Our products and health care services are at the core of our strategy. To take it to the next level, we will concentrate on three key areas: the renal care continuum, critical care solutions, and complementary assets. Aspects of the renal care continuum include new renal care models, value-based care, CKD and transplantation, and future innovations. This approach constitutes our commitment to long-term sustainable development and growth.

Renal care continuum

Fresenius Medical Care will focus on creating the future of health care for chronically and critically ill patients across the renal care continuum. This encompasses the following aspects:

New renal care models

We aim to implement new renal care models by applying state-of-the-art digital tools to give our business a major boost in terms of personalized dialysis and therapeutic innovations. We also intend to treat more patients in their homes by offering holistic home care.

Value-based care

Value-based care models enable us to create medical value while ensuring that care remains affordable. Our aim is to build sustainable partnerships with payors worldwide to support the transition from a fee-for-service to a pay-for-performance system.

CKD and transplantation

We want to treat patients holistically along their complete treatment path. To achieve this, we have already started to expand value-based care programs to include chronic kidney disease, and will incorporate kidney transplants in the future. We also intend to boost home dialysis by educating patients more about their options.

Future innovations

Innovations have a lot to do with disruptive thinking. Fresenius Medical Care Ventures therefore makes strategic investments in start-ups to gain access to new technologies in our core and complementary businesses, as well as new therapy approaches.  

Critical care solutions

The number of patients requiring continuous renal replacement therapy to treat acute renal failure is set to rise to 1.6 million by 2030. Over the next few years, we will leverage our competence in the critical care business to address a variety of health challenges. This is driven by our expertise in extracorporeal blood treatment for acute renal failure and heart and lung support solutions. We are also planning innovative solutions for multi-organ support to benefit from the growing critical care market.

Complementary assets

Creating additional medical value while cutting costs requires complementary solutions. We have reached some important milestones and gained many insights into how to coordinate patients more efficiently. We will continue to leverage our core competencies through partnerships, investments, and acquisitions. This will enable us to build an even more solid and resilient foundation for our future growth.

Sustainability priorities

Our long-term focus is on sustainability opportunities that support our mission to provide the best possible care for a growing number of patients in different health care systems. To us, sustainability is about being successful in the long-term and creating lasting value: economically, ecologically and socially. Our Global Sustainability Program will enable us to step up our efforts to integrate sustainability into our business over the next three years.

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Managing sustainability successfully means creating lasting value – economically, ecologically and socially.

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