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Conferences & roadshows

All upcoming and past investor conferences and roadshows can be found in this section. Press the "Save the date" button to add the respective event to your calendar.

Upcoming events

| Virtual Conference

Bank of America Virtual Home Care Conference

| Investor conference

Berenberg European conference

| Roadshow

Roadshow with Société Générale

Q3 Investor Presentation

Past events

| Investor conference

Société Générale The Premium Review conference

| Investor conference

UBS Flagship European conference

| Roadshow

Roadshow with Barclays

| Investor conference

Société Générale European ESG conference

| Roadshow

Roadshow with ODDO

U.S. West Coast & Canada
| Roadshow

Roadshow with Goldman Sachs

| Investor conference

Sanford Bernstein’s 20th Pan European Annual Strategic Decisions Conference

| Investor conference

Berenberg / Goldman Sachs German Corporate Conference

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