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Overcoming challenges and seizing opportunities

Mr. Powell, in 2020 you have taken a step further with your company’s strategy. What is behind this?

Rice Powell: “In the future, health care will not be as we know it today. We have a population that is steadily aging. Chronic diseases will continue to rise. In addition, the provision of care is currently fragmented in many areas, and therefore inefficient. Health care systems all over the world are under cost pressure and lack qualified staff. As a Company, we aim to actively address these key challenges and tackle them with new approaches and solutions.

Our four core competencies – innovative products, operating outpatient facilities, standardizing medical procedures, and coordinating patients efficiently – play a fundamental role in this. We aim to go one step further by 2025: Our strategy is the way forward for us as a Company to offer our patients the best possible care while doing justice to constantly evolving health care systems.”

So it’s a matter of overcoming challenges, but also seizing opportunities, then?

… and they open up great possibilities for patients as well as health care systems.

“We have long promoted digital options such as telehealth and home dialysis that allow physicians to care for their patients remotely as well. The pandemic has reinforced our view that we are on the right path.”

Rice Powell

You mentioned three key strategic areas. What are the other two growth areas of the Strategy 2025?

Fresenius Medical Care has set itself clear financial targets for the next five years. How is the Strategy 2025 translated into figures, and what are the key success factors?

What role does sustainability play in the Company‘s success?

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