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Celebrating Nurses and Care Teams Who Make The Difference Every Day

A global effort recognizing our nurses and care teams who are at the heart of the kidney care we provide.

As we commemorate National Nurses Week (May 6 – 12) in the U.S. and International Nurses Day (May 12) worldwide, we want to express our deepest gratitude to our nurses and care teams, for the profound impact they have on the lives of those they serve.

Every year, Fresenius Medical Care takes the opportunity to recognize the exceptional patient care delivered by our nurses and care teams. This year, under the theme “Nurses make the difference”, our patients, colleagues, and fellow nurses share personal anecdotes on the profound difference our nurses and care teams make.

"Patients stay with us because of the relationship they build with our amazing care professionals,” says Helen Giza, Chief Executive Officer of Fresenius Medical Care. 

“In time, our nurses get to know our patients and their families personally. They join in celebration of daily joys and life’s many milestones, and they are there with a loving touch and a deeply empathetic ear during difficult moments,” Helen continues.

“And all the while, they administer life-sustaining care … treatment designed to do what their kidneys cannot, so that our patients can be the best versions of themselves."

Patients stay with us because of the relationship they build with our amazing care professionals.

Helen Giza
Chief Executive Officer

Global commitment to our nurses and care teams

To continuously deliver on our commitment to providing safe, high-quality care to patients with chronic kidney disease, we empower our nurses and care teams through ongoing support, professional learning and development.

Globally, we aim to drive best practices and deliver practical, flexible, and innovative educational programs such as the Advanced Renal Education Program (AREP) and the Global Medical Education Webinar Series, helping our care teams provide the highest standard of care. In 2023, these programs reached more than 120 countries with over 80 thousand e-learning participations and ran more than 230 live webinars (Data as of 2023).

Nurses are also what drive innovation in our product portfolio, as we constantly seek new ways to optimize nurse workflows and provide easy-to-handle equipment, thus allowing nurses to focus on the patient.

Global outpouring of appreciation: “Nurses make the difference” 

Voices from around the world show their appreciation of our nurses and care teams. 

Antonio Green, a Dialysis Patient in the U.S., recognizes the selflessness and resilience of our nurses. Their compassionate care and unwavering support have empowered him throughout his dialysis journey. 

Nurses make the difference by being selfless in all of your acts. You're compassionate with your care, and you're resilient with all that you have to face in helping us patients out. We appreciate you.

Antonio Green
Dialysis Patient in the U.S.

Through their unwavering commitment to patient care, nurses provide a beacon of hope in challenging times. Nurse Sofia from Ukraine states: “We give hope and faith in the future even in difficult times and dangerous times.”

Our nurses are more than caregivers; Renal Nurse Telephonic Case Manager, Joseph Hamilton from the U.S. explains the many roles a nurse might play as "Cheerleader, coach, a hand to hold.” They are also educators and advocates. With skillful teaching and unwavering support, nurses empower patients to regain their autonomy and become more independent, one step at a time.

Nurses make the difference by teaching patients the skills they need to become more independent.

Aileen Dela Cruz
Charge Nurse from the Philippines

Nurses also share a unique bond. The connection and tie that they have for each other is reflected in Raymart Pecolera’s unique story. Not only is he one of our very own renal nurses, but he is also a dialysis patient himself. “Their expertise ensures that I receive the best care possible, and their unwavering support keeps me going every day.” he says.

Among the celebration and recognition, Daniela Oliveira, HR Manager from Brazil, echoes the sentiment of connection and compassion, recognizing nurses as the invaluable link between patients and treatment.

“Nurses make the difference because they are the human and valuable link that connects patients to treatment. And they do this with generosity, empathy, and respect.”

Daniela Oliveira
HR Manager from Brazil

A heartfelt thanks to our nurses and care teams. Your contributions are truly appreciated, today and every day. We are proud to be working alongside you.

Happy National Nurses Week and International Nurses Day!


Publication date: May 2024

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