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Stronger together throughout the pandemic – for our patients

How Fresenius Medical Care delivers on its promise to care for its patients in spite of COVID-19

Making life-saving equipment available where urgently needed

Their faces simply lit up when they saw us. We were their hope.

Qun Xiao
Dialysis nurse in China

As an industry leader in kidney care, we are actively stepping up to our duty to tackle this global pandemic. We will benefit from shared knowledge across our regions, learn valuable lessons, become even better at what we do.

Rice Powell

Expanding production to meet growing worldwide demand

Joining forces in times of crisis

Using our technology and know-how to treat COVID-19 patients

The extraordinary commitment of our employees

At first, I was worried about getting infected. But when I saw patients getting help and being cared for, I felt that it was all worth it.

Lianju Jiao
Dialysis nurse who volunteered in Wuhan

Despite our fears, I have never, and I say this emphatically, never in my entire professional life been so proud of my team as I am now. It’s in these difficult moments when commitment, professionalism and vocation come to the fore, when you know people – your people. ‘Thank you all for taking care of us, because we have to come back here again and again to live, and you have not left us alone’, a patient said to me just a few days ago.

Dr. Maria Pilar Martínez Rubio
Care Manager at El Pilar dialysis center, Madrid

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