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Shaping the future together

The next 25 years have a lot of change in store. Telehealth and interconnected intelligence combined offer patients the best possible treatment, including early advice and guidance for prevention and intervention. As an innovation leader, Fresenius Medical Care has a clear vision for the future of healthcare. Using our expertise in digitalization, data analytics and artificial intelligence, we will lift renal care to the next level.


We create the future of healthcare for chronically and critically ill patients across the Renal Care Continuum by leveraging our core competencies: innovative products, operating outpatient facilities, standardizing medical procedures, and coordinating patients efficiently. Going forward, Fresenius Medical Care will focus on three key areas: the renal care continuum, critical care solutions, as well as building out complementary assets with partnerships, investments and acquisitions. Read more about our strategy here.

Telehealth goes mainstream

Treatments and technology to improve patients’ lives are advancing all the time, but we are at the outset of a true revolution in healthcare. Telehealth will become an integral part of it, and Fresenius Medical Care continues to set new standards for innovation along the entire renal care continuum, including new hemodialysis systems and more flexibility for home dialysis. We can build on our steady advancements in the fields of health data, our engineering, our scale and our unrivaled network to keep improving care for better outcomes.

Devices become smart platforms

Patients, care teams and physicians at Fresenius Medical Care have already been using digital connections for better care. As we deploy more state-of-the-art digital tools to more people worldwide, they will have real-time access to the best possible treatment options, including a digital platform called “TheHub” for care teams, a “DoctorApp” for physicians to monitor patients and customize treatment, and “MyCompanion” for patients on their smartphone. These tools will also enable new renal care models and holistic home care.

Leveraging data for better outcomes

More telehealth will produce more data which can be harnessed for timely insights and personalized interventions. Fresenius Medical Care already has the broadest dataset in the world, a growing collection of information from more than two million patients, more than half a billion hemodialysis treatments and almost two billion laboratory tests. We want to use this data to build the largest registry of curated clinical data in the world. The goal is to make sure the right patient gets the right treatment at the right time.

Using AI to improve lives

We believe that artificial intelligence and machine learning can help improve the renal care continuum in the years to come. Future dialysis devices will use multiple biosensors to detect the slightest chemical and physical signals to automatically adjust dialysis parameters in real-time. Algorithms that sift through patient and treatment data to provide timely insights have one single purpose, which is to support and enhance human intelligence to buy time for what matters most: human contact.

From reactive to preventive healthcare

Monitoring each patient’s wellbeing with the help of data and algorithms will fundamentally change the care model, shifting it from reactive to preventive healthcare. With predictive modeling, Fresenius Medical Care can compare a patient’s current values with historical data to forecast the future and intervene as early as possible. Anonymized models also help healthcare systems as patients need to be hospitalized less often as they are in better general health, lowering overall costs. Fresenius Medical Care is working on rolling out this system to clinics worldwide.

Giving to the future by powering advanced research

Data and new digital tools also enable us to run virtual clinical trials. Anonymized digital avatars of patients help experts find out who will benefit the most and under which conditions when a new drug comes to market. No other company to date has such advanced research modeling techniques. Fresenius Medical Care will also engage more patients in a clinical research registry with its “My Reason” campaign. Giving data is a great gift to the future to both catalyze research and save coming generations from many of the kidney-related challenges we manage today.

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