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Time to say Thank You!

Tireless team effort

Dialysis patients are among the most at-risk populations. They require treatment several days a week for three to six hours at a time, just to stay alive. This vital necessity became particularly challenging when the COVID-19 pandemic started to sweep the globe. All of a sudden, renal patients and their care teams faced a unique situation with the introduction of social distancing and extended safety measures to reduce the risk of community spread and infection.

In these unprecedented circumstances, Fresenius Medical Care has focused on making sure that there are enough nurses, social workers, dietitians, care technicians and available space to treat all dialysis patients, including those who are or may be infected with COVID-19, in a way that does not unnecessarily expose other patients who entrust us with their care.

It is at times like these that the Company’s strong network, its vertically integrated, resilient business model, and the commitment of the entire Fresenius Medical Care team really come into their own – and are decisive for fostering the well-being of our patients.

Thanks to their tireless efforts throughout the pandemic, our employees have become true heroes - #FMEheroes.

Putting our patients first

Our patients rely on us as caregivers and medical care providers. And we will not let them down. With a great team effort, Fresenius Medical Care employees are saving lives every day, whether at the frontline, in our clinics, or at our production sites.

The determination of each and every one of our employees to maintain operational continuity across our dialysis centers, plants and product supply chains shows that we really do put our patients first. And it demonstrates that we are stepping up our efforts to tackle this global pandemic. We have learned some important lessons and believe we can successfully deal with COVID-19 – although it remains a sizable challenge that will continue to demand our attention in the months to come.

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